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    Introduction to Metuf for Cricket
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    Part One: Motivation
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    Part Two: Emotions
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    • Video Presentation: How to Improve Emotional Intelligence
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    Part Three: Thoughts
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    • Video Presentation: Thoughts Shaping for Improving Performance
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    Part Four: Unity
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    • Video Presentation: How To Improve Team Unity
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    Part Five: Focus
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    • Video Presentation: How To Improve Focus for Cricket
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    • Would You Like To Measure Your Mental Toughness?

The Psychology of Cricket

Cricket, like many sports, is mainly won and lost in the mind ...

Let’s agree that the world’s best cricketers and cricket coaches are the rare few who have found a way to master mental aspects of the game such as focus, motivation and handling emotions. 

Until now, doing this was very difficult due to either the cost of working 1-on-1 with a sports psychologist or the lack of science behind the various different books and other cricket specific publications out there.

So with this in mind, the performance psychologists at Condor Performance started to work on a number of very affordable, sport-specific, self-guided mental training programs in 2018. 

After almost a year of painstaking research, consultation with elite cricketers and coaches from around the world and discussions about what mental skills have been most useful in their work with cricket clients “Metuf for Cricket” was created in early 2019 and made available to the public a few months later.

“Metuf for Cricket” aims to revolutionise the way that competitive cricketers and coaches from around the world use sports psychology. It aims to put Mental Toughness and Mental Toughness Training alongside physical, tactical and technical preparations as key components on becoming the best possible bowler, batter and fielder you can be.

“Metuf for Cricket” has been created for cricketers of all ages, ambitions, levels and backgrounds so the mental skills are easy to apply and understand.

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